12″ Hot Homme – Black Orchid and Cannes Stretch Suiting

I simply love working with stretch especially suiting. I purchased quite a few suiting fabrics in the last 2 years and finally have a chance to work with some of it.  One of the fun things while creating my designs is matching my selection of knits to go with the pant fabrics.

The guys in co-ordinationing fashions –  a set of 5 unique tops all made without fasteners available in the 12″ Sales Room

MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 20 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 15 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 14 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 12 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 10 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 08 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 06 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 05 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 04 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 03 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 02 MW022-11.black.orchid.cannes.stripe.group - 01



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