Gentlemen’s Club for 17″ Dolls Matt O’Neill – JamieShow Homme

Every Christmas for the past 18 years I have made jammie pants and sometimes matching robes for my family.  This is the only thing I enjoy sewing for people size.  I have made so many sets while my son and nephew grew up now it’s just too much fabric for the 6′ tall men they have become.  This year I  focused on the doll size.  A lot less fabric is required although it takes just as long to create, sewing each seam, finishing each seam and then topstitching the seams for a finished look.  It’s actually easier and less time consuming to make a lined reversible robe but I love the more realistic look when using interfacing without lining.

Digging through my fabric storage boxes for “manly” looking plaids and prints I came up with 10 unique sets.   Currently available in the 16″ Doll Sales Room or on Ebay.

MATT037-01.oxford.matt - 02 MATT037-02.durham.matt - 05 MATT037-03.Carlisle.JS - 09 MATT037-03.Carlisle.matt - 11 MATT037-04.Birmingham.JS - 01 MATT037-04.Birmingham.matt - 04 MATT037-05.Leeds.JS - 05 MATT037-05.Leeds.Matt - 05 MATT037-06.Blackpool.Matt - 01 MATT037-06.Blackpool.Matt - 12 MATT037-07.Liverpool.Matt - 03 MATT037-08.Newcastle.Matt - 08 MATT037-09.Manchester.Matt - 01 MATT037-09.Manchester.Matt - 09 MATT037-10.York.Matt - 13 MATT037-10.York.Matt - 11


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