Home Decor

I love my Randall Craig furniture although I wasn’t big on the orange cushions with zebra stripe pillows and carpet so I created some new looks for the set.  To give the furniture a new look I created enhancements. For dining room set cotton or silk chair covers with placemats and a carpet. For the living room set I create brand new cushions, throw pillows and carpets.   I may not be Hilary from “Love it or List” but I sure love trying 🙂

HD010DR.starburst.silk.mod.funpics.reg - 18

HD010DR.starburst.silk.mod.funpics.reg - 41

HDRC009LRDR.urban.dimension - 14

HDRC009LRDR.urban.dimension - 40

HDRC009LRDR.urban.dimension - 78




2 thoughts on “Home Decor

    • Hi Terri, sorry for the delay in responding I was out of town at the Jason Wu convention.

      Thanks for your comments on my work. The furniture in the pictures is made by Randal Craig. I used the living room set and or the dinning room set in the pictures – these were sold out a few years ago but may be available on the secondary market such as Ebay or the doll boards.

      I sew the cushions, pillows chair covers etc based on custom orders especially for the Randal Craig furniture. The sets shown are one of a kind past designs and are not available for sale. If you have the furniture you can place your own custom order with me.

      I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to contact me for a quote.



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