Wow these dolls are so expensive and ultra limited wish I could buy more but I am happy enough with my few girls.  I think I like Parsley the best but Slipper can be quite lovely too. Wigged dolls are especially fun – so many looks can be acheived without purchasing another doll.  These girls are the perfect models for my lingerie.  The 16″ doll bed and linens were created just for the background.

kk.valentine.2012 - 02

kk.valentine.2012 - 05

kk.valentineB.2012 - 09

AGLL07-03.robe.teddy.pants.stockings.sash.SYB.parsley - 31

AGLL05-02.squeeze.bolero.panties.SYB - 1

AGLL03-01.sleeveless.body.bolero.sage.SYB - 06

AGLL04-01.bodysuit.bolero.SYB - 10

AGLL01-01.bodysuit.bolero.SYB - 02

AGLL15-01.powder02.teddy.bolero.legs.SYB - 22

AGLL14-01.purple01.bodysuit.SYB - 11

AGLL12.teddy.bolero.sash.SYB.Slipper - 11

AGLL11-01.pink02.robe.bodysuit.sleeveless.SYB.parsley - 11

AGLL10-01.teddy.shorts.bell.sleeves - 09

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