17″ Male Doll Fashions New Today

I am truly enjoying designing real life fashions for the men in my life lately.  My latest 17″ model  is a Jamieshow Doll called Cameron he is  lots of fun to pose with more realistic articulation and  boyish looks.  I do love wigged dolls and have managed to find a few wigs that look good on him.  The wig he came with looks better on the girls 🙂

My first 17″ model was a black haired blue eyed Matt O’Neil.  I wasn’t very found of his looks so I trimmed his hair the best I could and added a bit of facial hair with a pencil.  My 2nd Tonner guy is “Prince Charming” I took out his pony tail and also gave him a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow.  He can look pretty handsome when I get the pose right.

That’s my team  in this size so far – hope you like the fashions available in my sales room

MO027-01.cardigan.soft.wheat.dark.teal.tshirt.oyster.pinstripe.pants.MATT - 05 MO0026-01.vest.dress.pants.pin.stripe.oyster.white.dress.shirt.JS.homme - 02 MO0026-01.vest.dress.pants.pin.stripe.oyster.white.dress.shirt.JS.homme - 06 MO023-02.flight.suit.off.white.camouflage..Matt.blue.eyes - 01 MO024-01.vest.charcoal.fleece.striped.crew.black.jeans.JS - 10 MO028-01.v-neck.white.jersey.green.stripe.pants.MATT - 08 MO018.02.crew.neck.black.white.stripe.skinny.plastic.Matt - 10 MO025-01.jacket.camel.suede.MATT - 2

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