Lavish Linens for the men in your life

I ended this year with a few masculine Lavish Linen themes in 1/6 scale.  The linens are designed to fit the “Modern Dreamer Decor Bed” by Integrity Toys for their 12″ fashion dolls.   Since I purchased the bed in 2006 I have made 75 unique bed linen sets, with 500 beds produced there should be room for lots more.  The most enjoyable part is going through my 50 plus fabric boxes pulling out fabrics looking for textures and colors that go well together, this could be due to my earlier love of interior design.  The worst part is cleaning up my mess when I am done.  I spend hours looking over my choices bringing piles upstairs into my sewing room then changing my mind and looking for just the right accent to complete the set. It’s about the pillows and throw blankets I love piling them on offering several looks for each set.  The duvet’s are reversible, the throw blankets can be used as carpets, in this series I added head and foot board covers to hide the black laquer bed along with a foam filled chaise lounge.

The final piece of true enjoyment is setting up the diorama to take the pictures. My goal … to create the feeling of a real life size bedroom.

“The Manhattan”

Pierre Repaint in The Manhattan

Pierre Repaint in The Manhattan


Takeo and Eugenia in the bachelor pad

Takeo and Eugenia in the bachelor pad

“Rustic Rancher”

Takeo at the ranch

Takeo at the ranch

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