Flight Risk – a Steampunk Fashion

I am pleased to share my first Steampunk fashion created for the recent Couture Doll Shop (CDS) challenge.

This outfit won the challenge which was to create a Steampunk fashion choosing an existing style or creating your own.  I choose “Aviator” as my style.

Modeled on my 16″ Sybarite “Parsley”

My entry paragraph:


A Victorian lady dreams of flying high above the clouds piloting a steam powered spaceship traveling to a wonderful art gallery where everyone is a fashionable, but she may be a flight risk with all those buckles . Buckles, goggles, flying hat and leather jacket were created with the aviator category in mind.  A theme of dark colors and rich fabrics such as silk dupioini, genuine fur, shiny burgundy/brown faux leather give her a whimsical futuristic look.  The Victorian fashion base starts out with of a grey print dressing shirt with black knit sleeves worn underneath a bustier style of over skirt with a long bustle on one side yet the other side is left short with fur trim revealing  part of the dressing shirt, ragged lace stockings and black velvet lace up shoes leading one to a future era where styles are risque.

Here are a few of the photos – you can view the rest on my website at: home_16inch.OOAK.2011.html

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